1. Support Policies and
1. Legislation
ㆍCreating a suitable legal framework in the field of wind power industry
ㆍSuggesting tax & customs reduction and exemption
ㆍParticipating in policy making and legislation process
2. Organizion of Various
1. Events
ㆍHosting various seminars, workshops and conferences
ㆍStudying on members' joint R&D works
ㆍManaging meetings, such as board of directors meetings, general meetings, informal
discussions, etc.
3. Distribution of
1. Information
ㆍPublishing wind power journals and news letters
ㆍIssuing technology information data and papers
ㆍAdvertising best practices and R&D reports of members
4. International
1. Cooperation
ㆍAcquiring and analyzing new technology information for overseas wind power industries
ㆍGuiding industrial tours for overseas wind power companies
ㆍIntroducing international events related to the wind power industry
5. External Cooperation ㆍArranging networking between the government, industries, universities,
financial institutions as well as  research institutions
ㆍSuggesting the government to give incentives to the wind power industry
ㆍSurveying overseas incentive systems on wind power industry