The world is facing increasing crises with climate change and fossil fuel depletion. We believe that renewable energy is the only alternative to overcome these difficulties. Wind energy, as the core of renewable energy, is one of the fastest growing energies due to its high economic efficiency and employment effect.

Even though the installed capacity of wind farm in Korea records comparatively smaller than anticipated at this moment, the Korean government's ambitious promotion strategy of green growth, as well as companies' increasing investments and R&D activities will lead the Korean wind industry to the top level of the world market in the near future. The Korea wind energy industry will also collaborate with the technology of the ocean engineering and fabrication, shipbuilding, automobile, steel mill and heavy industry to advance even more and to create a synergy effect. Now Korean industry is involved in the offshore wind industry in many ways. Korean shipbuilders have built five installation vessels for the offshore wind industry to date. In the meantime Korean turbine manufacturing companies, STX and Doosan have built prototypes for 2MW and 3MW offshore wind turbines respectively, which are currently in place at the North East Sea off the island of Jeju and reported under good operation.

Korea Offshore Wind Company has been launched in order to develop a 2.5GW offshore wind project in the Yellow sea, on the west side of the Korean peninsula near Gunsan province. The project will be executed in several phases. The first phase will be a 100MW and expanded to the final 2.5GW by 2019.
Korean wind turbine manufacturers are currently developing multi megawatt offshore wind turbines in the 5.5MW and 7MW class. The first commercial offshore wind farm is under planning to build the provision of twelve 7MW units (84MW) to be completed by 2014 in Jeju island. Furthermore the floating type offshore wind farm will be intensively promoted in the future in order to increase the share of energy mix in electricity supply side.  

Our association undertakes activities to encourage creating a suitable legal framework and provides members with up-to-date information on wind energy. Above this, our association organizes various events such as conferences, seminars and workshops. These efforts encourage the exchange of information and experience between industries, universities and research institutions at home as well as global stage. We have signed the memorandum of understanding in this regards with DWEA, AWEA, Norwagian Innovation, Renewable UK, GWEC as well as RAWE so far.

This website is an open space for communication between members, the public and all advocates. We are pleased to listen to your valuable opinions. Thank you.

Rimtaig Lee, Ph.D
The Chairman of KWEIA